If every earthly blessing was stripped away and lost, what would you have? You and I possess God’s best blessing – our faith. Through faith we have a restored relationship and eternal life with Jesus. All the blessings that God lavishes on us beyond belief are truly amazing.

Your high school is also blessed beyond our imagination and expectation. God has given us a record enrollment for this fall and strong projections in the future. We are motivated to respond to his blessings by matching our facilities to our growing ministry.

Our Phase I Science and Innovation Wing will add needed space to educate our students with a biblical worldview. The world can teach chemistry, biology,

physics, and more, but only we can teach them in the light of absolute truth. Equipped with 21st century skills, our students will grow in knowledge and impact the world as defenders of the truth and leaders of their communities. Most importantly, they will grow in their relationship with Jesus.

I look forward to working together with you to make this project a reality, not because we need it, but because the world needs what we have to offer. 



David W. Bartelt, Superintendent

-Mr. David Bartelt


3399 Division Rd. Jackson, WI 53037

Phone: 262-677-4051         


Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School

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