What will be built with this addition?
    The first phase is an addition of more science labs and classrooms. We will add four new              science labs as well as five general classrooms designed for 21st century learning. The                 construction will include a second floor that can be customized and  finished for                              future needs. 

                 Why is this addition so important?
                     God has blessed us with tremendous enrollment growth that has exceeded  our                               initial projections. This is the last year that our Biology room will accommodate                               all the students who use that classroom. Our large freshman class will                                             require more science lab space than we can currently handle. Our                                                      Chemistry room is already used 8 periods a day and future demands will                                         exceed our current use.

                               Are there temporary options that can handle this growth                                            for a few years?
                                               There really aren’t any viable options. Science labs are unique.                                                            Classes like Biology, Chemistry and Physical Science                                                                              cannot be taught effectively in standard classrooms                                                                             or portable/temporary classrooms. In addition, our                                                                               science labs are designed for a specific number of                                                                               students so we can’t simply add more students into                                                                              each class period.

Is the growth in enrollment going to continue?
Our conservative projections show significant growth again next year and then moderate growth beyond that. These projections are based on enrollments from our feeder grade schools as well as realistic numbers from other sources. Our evidence indicates that the enrollment growth is not a short-term situation. To the left is a chart to show the recent enrollment pattern and projections:

What is the timing for this project?
To meet the needs of 515 students or more, this addition will be completed by the fall of 2019. To meet that deadline, construction will begin in March of 2019. 

What is the cost for the project?
The estimated cost for Phase 1 is $4.7 million. 

How will we pay for this addition?
We need to raise funds for this project without borrowing money and adding to our current debt. During our silent phase we raised $1.3 million. We are now promoting this to all our donors with the prayer that the rest can be raised before December 31. We are also asking our Federation congregations to make a commitment to this project.
This is certainly aggressive. In fact, it is so big that only God can get the credit. Just as God has blessed us with so many students to educate, we are confident that God will bless us with the resources to give them the Christ-centered education that they need and deserve from us.

What if we don’t raise the money by December 31?
The Board and school leaders would consider any viable options to maintain our standards of excellence. Unfortunately, one of the options could be capping enrollment.

What can each of us do during the Blessed Beyond Belief campaign?
We first ask you to pray. Say prayers of thanks for the growing enrollment. Pray for our students and faculty as we work to educate, encourage and equip our students for life and for eternity. 
Also pray for God’s guidance as to how you can give your best gift for this project. God answered our prayers to send us more students – have confidence that God will also answer our prayers to provide the facilities that are needed to match our ministry opportunities.

Can my gift be a pledge over 2-3 years?
We need cash in these coming months to pay for the materials and construction. There are, however, a variety of giving options that we can customize to meet your individual situation. Talk with Wendy Breimon to discuss the option that is best for you.

How will my recurring Builder gifts be used?
If you previously directed your recurring Builder gifts to be applied to debt reduction, your continuing gifts will still be used to reduce our current debt. Any additional or extra gifts will be used for capital improvements during our Blessed Beyond Belief campaign. Upon completion of the Blessed Beyond Belief campaign, recurring gifts will be directed to debt reduction. If you wish to discuss your options regarding a recurring Builder gift, please contact Wendy Breimon (262-677-4051 or wendy.breimon@kmlhs.org).

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