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Blessed Beyond Belief Capital Campaign         6 Months: June to December 2018


1.   Raise $4.7 million dollars to pay for Phase I Science and Innovation Wing.

2.   Increase awareness of the current $6.3 million debt.

4 Part Strategy

    1.  Silent Phase- $1.3 million already given

    2.  Church Ownership  

         Our 27 KML Federation churches have been invited to collectively support the expansion with $100,000.                               This demonstrates ownership of their high school ministry.


    3.    Major Donor Phase
         This process has begun through individual meetings. 

    4.    All Donor Phase
           Video, mass mailing, brochures, conversations, Fall Appeal, Giving Tuesday, Christmas appeal… We ask all                        14,146 communicant members of the federation to consider a gift as a response to their own blessings from God.

talking points

We are eager to match our facilities to our growing ministry. This should have been a two year campaign.  It is compressed to six months because of the numbers of students that God has put on our doorstep to educate, encourage, and equip for life and for eternity. We simply will not have enough classroom space in the fall of 2019. Our options were to cap enrollment, crowd our classrooms, or ask our federation to expand.  

(Phase 1  expansion is a response to the growing and sustainable enrollment projections)

4 Science classrooms are the priority.

7 General Purpose classrooms will allow us to spread out and handle future growth.
(21st Century Learning Model- Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication)

This is the fastest and largest campaign we have ever embarked on:
Our goal is to raise all the money and pledges by 12/31/18 and not add to our current debt.
Need gifts from all people not just those who are already connected to KML.


Why should everyone consider a support gift?

  • My church owns KML and our high school ministry is blessed with enrollment growth.

  • I give to my church because I want the Gospel ministry to strengthen me and also to reach out to more people. I give to KML because they are teaching God’s Word to more people than we ever thought was possible.

  • KML teaches the depth of a rigorous Science curriculum but always with a Biblical worldview. God is the the Creator of all things. The study of his creation glorifies the Creator

  • Not just because KML needs it...but because the world NEEDS what we have to offer. Teaching Science in a Biblical worldview is needed more than ever.


Debt:  We have enough money in the bank to service our debt for one year.  This 6 month campaign for Science and Innovation will displace most of our debt service work.  We will refocus on debt reduction as soon as possible in 2019.


Phase 2 will be the Fitness Center

Not until we raise enough to build Phase 1 and get ahead of our current debt.

3399 Division Rd. Jackson, WI 53037

Phone: 262-677-4051 

Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School

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