Blessed Beyond Belief
Donor Recognition Plan

Background: As part of the Blessed Beyond Belief campaign, Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School is raising funds to build a new Science and Innovation Wing. This addition will provide the needed classrooms and labs to meet the challenges of a growing enrollment and 21st century learning demands.

Capital Campaign: KML’s Mission Advancement Office created a plan to raise the money that is necessary to build the Science and Innovation Wing. The goal is to raise $4.7 million by December 31, 2018.

Naming Rights: One aspect of the capital campaign is to encourage major donors to support this project. These major donors are all motivated by Christ’s love to support ministry. At the same time, each donor has his/her own approach and philosophy regarding the recognition they appreciate for their gifts. Some donors wish to be completely anonymous while others are willing to be more public with their giving. This is typically done for the purpose of encouraging others to follow with their own best gift.

With this project, as with the Walking the Path PAC addition, we wish to provide an opportunity for donors to create a lasting message for current and future students. Donors who make a gift of $50,000 or more will be invited to write a personal testimony, a statement of encouragement, a select Bible passage or other meaningful message that will be permanently mounted in the new addition. These plaques will be a witness of each donor’s Christian faith, and will serve as a source of encouragement for future KML students. In addition to the message, the donor will have the option of including their name at the end of the message. [the examples show the relative size and location].

Some donors will not want to be recognized or have their names included on a plaque. That is very acceptable and we will accommodate those donors accordingly. Those people will still be invited to write a message, but we will include “anonymous” or no name to meet their wishes.

Conclusion: This plan is designed to create meaningful and lasting messages for current and future KML students, staff and visitors. It is meant to acknowledge donors who helped make the addition a reality and it is ultimately declarations of faith that reminds each of us that we are Blessed Beyond Belief.


"The experience of learning is one of the treasures we appreciate at Kettle Moraine Lutheran School. Whether we study God’s Word, history, mathematics, science or any other course, we use our God-given gifts to grow in our knowledge and to pursue our Christ guided success path for life."

-The Jones Family

"The ability to learn is one of the greatest gifts we possess. Applying that learning in the light of God’s Word is even more precious."

-Jon White

"Students who enter these classrooms will have the experience of learning new and exciting things in a variety of subject areas. Take advantage ofthese opportunities. Work hard and do your best so you can wala out of these classrooms with increased wisdom and appreciation for God’s blessings in your life."






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